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I started Beauty salon to create a new millennial company which delivers authentic, trusted and innovative solutions for customers. My background as a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, beauty enthusiast, and a mom is the force behind the values of Beauty Salon. It reflects in everything that I do. I am not here to create the next clockwork supply chain company which represents the machines of the future on the internet. But my focus is to create a more personalized solution brand where we constantly discover what is true and right for us. My worldview on commerce is as of a problem solver, and growing people which at times may not be consistent with the machine view of the world and e-commerce. While I want to run this business as serving the right product for you over and over again, in a relationship mode.

Our Beauty Experts

Mellisa Smith


For the fourth and final instalment of ‘The Experts’ we teamed up with the awe-inspiring fashion editor Georgie Coleridge Cole. The founder and editor of online fashion magazine, Sheerluxe, the fashion and beauty maven has rounded up her ultimate desk essentials.

Marie Mush


With long working hours and a busy lifestyle, often the last thing you want to do is to spend hours pounding on the treadmill. That’s why, for the third installment of ‘The Experts’ we’ve teamed up with Olympic Athlete and Pentathlete, Samantha Murray, to devise a morning workout that will leave you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Ana Jacobson

Makeup Stylist

A leading celebrity facialist, Su-Man is the woman behind countless women’s seemingly ageless beauty. Now, the founder of her own skincare brand, Su-Man Skincare, her products have been dubbed as ‘the non-invasive alternative to Botox’ by a plethora of editorial big shots. Luckily, it isn’t just celebrities who can reap the benefits of Su-Man’s expertise.

Ivan Dorchsner

Nail Specialist

Nina, a chef and cookbook author, can often be found travelling the world in search of the most delicious cuisine. Also a culinary writer, she’s teamed up with Beauty Expert to create a superfood salad that harnesses a number of antioxidant-rich ingredients that are not only great on the taste buds but suitably nourishing for the skin.